Sumitranandan Pant - one of the great poets of India

The veteran poet and the writer Sumitranandan Pant lived through 20 May 1900 to 28 December 1977. He belonged to Kasauni village in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.
He is famous for a Chhayavadi school of Hindi literature. His work was largely focussed on nature and philosphical thoughts. He has been awarded with several awards, notable being Padma Vibhushan (1961), Jnanpith Award, Nehru Peace Prize, and Sahitya Kala Academy.

His award-winning works include Chidambara, Lokayatan, and Kala Aur Budhdha Chand.
He is credited for 28 published books which are considered the masterpieces in Hindi literature. He was notably famous for writing works related to nature. He was the first Hindi poet to receive Jnanpith Award in 1968. He is also the composer of IIT Roorkee song "Jayati Jayati Vidya Sansthan". He actively participated in 1921 movement of the Non - Cooperation Movement for which he quit his studies in between.

His writing style is so clear and plain that his poems are included in the school textbooks. He is considered to be the pioneer of Hindi literature after Munshi Premchand. He still lives in the hearts of all poetry-writers and all those who appreciate literature.

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