The Himalayan Films

The Himalayan films started its journey as a music company on 6 july 2008. It is the result of collaboration of renowned Garhwali folk singer Narendra Singh Negi and the prominent Uttarakhandi NRI Ravindra Lakhera.
After Narendra Singh Negi's performance in New Zealand was appreciated by Mr. Lakhera, he decided to come up with a platform to promote local folk culture. Thus with the help of few people as a team, The Himalayan Fims came into existence and Mr. Lakhera became the Company Director. The launch of first album 'Mayaku Mundaru' marked the beginning of the operations of The Himalayan Films.
Mr. Narendra Singh Negi belongs to Pauri village in Pauri Garhwal and Ravindra Lakhera hails from Rautkholi village in Rikhanikhal block of Pauri Garhwal. Mr. Lakhera is a renowned and the most successful Uttarakhandi hotelier abroad. He has a chain of restaurants in New Zealand and Australia.
The Himalayan Films aims at promoting Uttarakhandi culture and heritage to all the corners of the world focussing mainly on Garhwali , Kumaoni and Jaunsari culture. The company produces music album and films and is comitted to preserve and conserve hill music. It also supports and promotes new talent. Its recent launches includes videos on Kedarnath and Badrinath, 'Chalo Kedarnath' and 'Chalo Badrinath'. while a devotional song 'Jai Bholey Bhandari' has been recently released by the renowned singer Narendra Singh Negi.
The company's music albums are routinely nominated and win The Uttarakhand Cine Awards. The tradition was continued this year also with Negi's 'Ab Kathga Khailo' sweeping 5 out of 6 awards.
The company also launches and produces Uttrakhandi language films. The official website of The Himalayan Films has been set up to stop the piracy of the cassettes and albums and these can be purchased by authorised dealers mentioned there or can be purchased online.

The  Uttarakhandi culture is being well promoted by this platform. The company is reviving the extincting  high culture.

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